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Uplift Capital is a certified nonprofit dedicated to building stronger communities through entrepreneurship and youth workforce development.

Empowering Entrepreneurs, Transforming Communities

Welcome to Uplift Capital, where nurturing small businesses, empowering nonprofits, and shaping youth career paths converge under one mission. We extend expert consulting to businesses and nonprofits, enhancing their journey with strategic digital marketing, fundraising, and event planning solutions. Parallelly, our vocational programs in auto mechanics, carpentry, and digital technology are crafting skilled futures for the youth. Embark with us on this transformative quest to invigorate communities and ignite potential across every endeavor.


Our Programs

Empowering Businesses & Nonprofits

At Uplift Capital, we ignite potential in both small businesses and nonprofits. Our specialized programs provide microloans and expert guidance to small businesses, fueling their journey to conquer challenges and seize growth opportunities. Meanwhile, we supercharge nonprofits with enhanced fundraising capabilities and a dynamic digital presence, paving the way for comprehensive organizational development. Discover the electrifying possibilities with Uplift Capital.

SkillsReady Youth Vocational Program

Our SkillsReady Youth Vocational Program sculpts bright futures through a diverse series of workshops covering a range of in-demand vocations, such as digital technology, auto mechanics, and more. This season, we’re thrilled to present the SkillsReady Auto Mechanic Program, providing youth with the opportunity to develop practical skills for an exciting career path. Join us in nurturing the talents of tomorrow’s workforce, as we prepare them for thriving careers in these sought-after fields.

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