About Us

Our Mission

We’re a non-profit organization, serving the Los Angeles and Orange County area that helps small business owners with limited access to capital have a chance to live their dreams. We provide small business loans, technical assistance and educational programs for underprivileged communities, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Uplift Capital Inc foresees a future where individuals from all walks of life are empowered to strengthen their local community through entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to overcome every obstacle standing between them and their dream of owning a thriving business.


Every Uplift client has a different background, experience and skills. Many need help to establish their business before qualifying for a bank loan. All need a partner who believes in them. We help every client turn their ambition into opportunity.


We are deeply involved with the small business landscape in every community we serve, and connect our clients to our extensive professional network of partners including: local businesses, government agencies, venture capital firms and more.


Due to the rapid change in the small business lending, Uplift strives to bring the latest solutions to entrepreneurs. From the newest technology, software and organizational systems, we make sure each client has the best and necessary tools to reach their goals. We measure our success by the success of the small businesses we serve, and evaluate our efforts through research and evaluation.